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Saddam, Milosevic hold key lessons for Fujimori trial

Saddam, Milosevic hold key lessons for Fujimori trial  10 October 2007 03:11  AFP (Carlos Hamann)   ANALYSIS   832 Words / World trial rights Peru As Peru prepares to try former president Alberto Fujimori for the abuses meted out under his rule, prosecutors face a familiar dilemma: how to ensure justice is properly served on … Continue reading

¡Fraude! Leftists protest PRI victory in Mexico

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador may have lost Mexico’s July 1 presidential election at the ballot box, but that didn’t stop supporters of the leftist candidate from claiming fraud. While the margin of victory for the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s Enrique Pena Nieto was so wide that the man widely known as AMLO could not claim ballot-box … Continue reading

The PRI returns to power in Mexico

The Institutional Revolutionary Party ran Mexico for 71 years though a combination of patronage, ballot-box stuffing and selective repression, a governing method incompatible with the 21st century democracy that Mexico aspires to be. And yet when it came time to vote on July 1, the PRI’s Enrique Pena Nieto was the hands-down winner. In the … Continue reading

US-led “War on Drugs” may be bust, but don’t expect changes soon

Latin America leaders are increasingly demanding changes to the US-led “War on Drugs” — but with billions of dollars at stake and no clear political benefit there is little incentive in Washington to challenge the status quo, US experts say. For the first time ever talks on alternatives to the US policy, which treats drug … Continue reading

Reporters in the cross-hairs in Honduras violence

In Honduras, where you can hire a killer for few hundred dollars and get away with murder, people who ask questions — like reporters — are prime targets. Radio Progreso reporter and news editor Karla Rivas has this on her mine every time she goes to work. Sixteen journalists have been killed since a 2009 … Continue reading

Radio station provides lifeline in quake-stricken Chile

Radio station throws lifeline to Chile CONSTITUCION, CHILE Monday, March 15, 2010 TWO days after Chile’s monster earthquake and tsunami pummeled this seaside town, the manager of its sole news radio station hauled broadcast gear three blocks from its damaged studio to a bench outside the town hall. There he ran up an antenna and … Continue reading

Rebels strike near Bogota as Colombia’s internal war heats up

BOGOTA, Feb 26, 2002 (AFP) –  At least three leftist rebels were killed in fierce clashes with army patrols in towns surrounding Bogota on Tuesday, bringing Colombia’s long-running internal conflict ever closer to the nation’s capital. The three Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas were killed in an ongoing battle a mere 20 kilometers … Continue reading

Residents of Colombia ex-rebel haven in shock after army takeover

by Carlos Hamann SAN VICENTE DEL CAGUAN, Colombia, Feb 25, 2002 (AFP) – Fear, shock, even denial — residents in this steamy jungle town that until days ago was controlled by leftist rebels are still adapting to their new life under military occupation. San Vicente early Monday remained largely isolated from the world, with no … Continue reading

5 p.m. means time for the Elian show in Cuba … again

by Carlos Hamann HAVANA, April 20, 2000 (AFP) – It’s 5 p.m. in Cuba, and that means that it’s time for The Elian Show — two commercial-free hours of news roundup and analysis on the case of the world’s most famous child castaway. The show, officially known as the “Informative Round Table and Open Forum,” … Continue reading

Golpe de estado, Ecuador

The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec) January 23, 2000, Sunday, FINAL SECTION: News; A1 / FRONT BYLINE: Carlos Hamann QUITO, Ecuador, Jan 23, 2000  (AFP) –  In an emergency session yesterday, the Ecuadoran congress approved Gustavo Noboa as the country’s new president, following a bloodless military coup that removed elected president Jamil Mahuad from office. With cries … Continue reading

Colombians vote for hostage legislators

VILLA COLOMBIA, Colombia, March 9, 2002 (AFP) The son of a kidnapped senator and the stand-in for an abducted congresswoman made a final campaign stop here late Saturday, trying to convince voters to cast ballots in Sunday’s congressional elections for two absent candidates. Carlos Eduardo Gechem, 25, the son of abducted Huila department Senator Jorge … Continue reading