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Trump agrees to NAFTA talks, no exit — for now

Trump agrees to NAFTA talks, no exit — for now /  Washington (United States) –  27 April 2017 11:24 –  AFP (Carlos HAMANN) –  766 Words US Mexico Canada politics trade negotiate 27 April 2017 President Donald Trump hedged his agreement to renegotiate — rather than exit NAFTA — with a warning to Canada and … Continue reading

US focuses internally in war on drugs (March 2009)

US focuses internally in war on drugs –  25 March 2009 04:34 –  AFP (Carlos Hamann) /  FOCUS   781 Words / US Mexico crime drugs border President Barack Obama’s plan to fight Mexican drug cartels in the southwestern United States acknowledges that a domestic effort is needed in the cross-border war on illegal narcotics, … Continue reading

Anger fuels US talk of secession, states rights

Anger fuels US talk of secession, states rights /  WASHINGTON (United States) –  11 October 2009 03:01 –  AFP (Carlos Hamann) /  FOCUS –  791 Words / Lifestyle US politics rights Tired of high taxes and wars in far-away countries? Angry at bailouts for fat-cat bankers? A growing number of Americans are pushing their states … Continue reading

Washington struggles to dig out after giant blizzard

Washington struggles to dig out after giant blizzard  Washington (United States) –  26 January 2016 04:45 –  AFP (Carlos HAMANN) US weather snow 26 January 2016 The capital of the world’s leading superpower remained semi-paralyzed Tuesday as residents struggled to remove mountains of snow dumped in a weekend blizzard. The federal government and area schools … Continue reading

Violence mars anti-Trump protests in Washington

Violence mars anti-Trump protests in Washington /  Washington (United States) –  20 January 2017 22:59 –  AFP (Thomas WATKINS, Carlos HAMANN) /  SCENE /  744 Words US politics inauguration protest 20 January 2017 Masked, black-clad protesters carrying anarchist flags smashed windows, lit fires and scuffled with riot police Friday in downtown Washington, blocks from the … Continue reading

US races to erect controversial steel fence on Mexican border

US races to erect controversial steel fence on Mexican border –  05 August 2008 00:50 –  AFP (Carlos Hamann)   FEATURE –  1038 Words US Mexico immigration border Just west of El Paso, near where Spanish conquistador Juan de Onate crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico in 1598, construction crews have completed a steel fence … Continue reading

Beware of (potentially) deadly Ikea furniture

So you saved a few bucks buying furniture at Ikea, and risked eating horse meat when you tried out their meatballs. Just make sure to anchor that cheap chest of drawers that you bought to the wall, as per the instructions (yes, the ones you tossed aside) because the consequences could be dire if you … Continue reading

Video: Where are the black Civil War reenactors?

I produced this clip for my J-school class in the fall. As a print monkey I had no experience with video, but somehow I cobbled together a cohesive string of images, dialog and background audio that made sense. Civil War reenactors are always happy to be pictured and will talk up a storm if you … Continue reading

“Stonewall” Jackson, still controversial 150 years on

My May 2013 story on Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson ran on several websites, including Alternet and Southern Partisan. It generated a string of rabid commentary in favor and against Jackson on the Raw Story site (since deleted). Who knew I was going to re-start the Civil War? These days the first thing that comes up when … Continue reading

If I can cover Saddam’s trial, then why not John Edwards?

I guess if I can cover Saddam Hussein’s trial then I can certainly cover the trial of . . . (fill in the blank). Either that, or I was the first reporter my boss saw when he needed to send someone to Greensboro, North Carolina to cover felony trial of one-time US presidential candidate John Edwards. Once the … Continue reading

No Islamophobia here: Muslims pray at US Christian churches

Muslims seem to be the last group in the United States who are fair targets for ridicule and verbal attacks. Yet, contrary to the hateful rhetoric spewed by some politicians and so-called religious leaders, there are plenty of Christians willing to help their Muslim neighbors, even allowing them to use their churches for Friday prayers. … Continue reading

First major Civil War battle at Manassas / Bull Run

The United States is marking the 150th anniversary of its 1861-1865 Civil War with a series of events nationwide. Huge crowds from the Washington D.C. area flocked to nearby Manassas on the weekend of July 26 to watch nearly 9,000 re-enactors wearing in heavy wool period uniform re-enact the first major encounter of the war. … Continue reading

Protesters, police clash as Americas trade summit ends early

MIAMI, Nov 20, 2003 (AFP) – Anti-globalization protesters clashed with police here Thursday, as trade ministers of countries seeking to join a sweeping hemispheric trade deal announced they reached an accord one day ahead of schedule. Ministers from every nation in the hemisphere except Cuba met here to discuss plans to implement the Free Trade … Continue reading

End-of-time US book series strikes a nerve in uncertain times

  BYLINE: CARLOS HAMANN WASHINGTON, Set 26, 2003 (AFP) – Unmanned cars careen out of control and planes plunge to Earth as millions around the world suddenly disappear. They’ve been “raptured” to heaven — and those left behind face seven years of war, famine and natural disasters before the return of Jesus Christ. That’s the … Continue reading