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Saddam, Milosevic hold key lessons for Fujimori trial

Saddam, Milosevic hold key lessons for Fujimori trial  10 October 2007 03:11  AFP (Carlos Hamann)   ANALYSIS   832 Words / World trial rights Peru As Peru prepares to try former president Alberto Fujimori for the abuses meted out under his rule, prosecutors face a familiar dilemma: how to ensure justice is properly served on … Continue reading

Washington struggles to dig out after giant blizzard

Washington struggles to dig out after giant blizzard  Washington (United States) –  26 January 2016 04:45 –  AFP (Carlos HAMANN) US weather snow 26 January 2016 The capital of the world’s leading superpower remained semi-paralyzed Tuesday as residents struggled to remove mountains of snow dumped in a weekend blizzard. The federal government and area schools … Continue reading

Radio reporting: Mark Warner vs. Ed Gillespie for US Senate

I produced this radio story for a class I took in the fall at the University of Maryland Graduate Journalism School. It came out a week before the November 4, 2014 election, when Democrat Mark Warner was forecast to crush his Republican rival in the Virginia senate race. In the end the race was a … Continue reading

Update (2)

Since December I’ve spent most of my sabbatical catching up on long-delayed work at home, caring for the kids on snow days (that sure was a bleak winter!), and working on a book on the early days of the U.S. Civil War. Yep, I’m becoming one of those insufferable CW geeks (which is my Instagram … Continue reading

AFP Live Report!

An AFP Live Report is a real-time posting of a breaking news event. It works best if you read them from the bottom up. We normally handle events in our region — in my case, since I’m based in Washington D.C., the Americas — but on a major breaking stories AFP bureaus will share Live Report … Continue reading